Monday, June 8, 2009

Finding the RIGHT Real Estate Agent

What are you most interested in when hiring a real estate agent? Most people want an agent who will sell their home as fast as possible or head off running searching for their perfect home. Of course, that is a general goal for all home sellers/buyers. After all, when putting your home on the market it is safe to say that you want to get rid of it right away. However, the main thing that you should be looking for is a real estate agent with experience that actually cares about you and your needs!

How does experience help in your real estate transaction? First, the experienced agent will already have been in many different situations. This helps to ensure that no matter what you throw at them they will be able to take it with ease. In a perfect world you'd hope for smooth transaction but it is nice to know that your agent will be able to handle anything and everything that they are asked to deal with. An experienced agent will be able to get you the best possible deal and is the way to go but only if they genuinely care about your needs.

Overlooking the caring factor is not something that you want to do. Any real estate agent can tell you what they will do for you and how many transactions they've closed, but do you really trust them? Are they selling your home because they care or are they just motivated by the money?

You'll find that a lot of agents only take on your business to collect their money and hope they never see you again. These are the "same agents" that push home buyers to go for the home that's in their higher price-range lists and that take them out to see homes only when its convenient for them not the buyers. Its ridiculous and you as the buyer/seller deserve better than that! You deserve an agent that is there for you, that will search every home and won't stop until they've found you the right home for you. You need an agent that personally communicates with you and he or she doesn't have a team member email you once a month. Its time you found an experienced agent that's working for you because they enjoy it and keeping in touch is a promise not a nuisance!

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