Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cloth Diapers

So, I said that, occasionally, I would post about personal stuff going on in my life. Well here goes:

I'm an earth lover. I try to recycle, clean up after myself, drive a fuel efficient car, occasionally dry clothing outside, turn lights off when not in use, and the like. I'm now going one step further, I'm using cloth diapers!

I know this may seem so out-dated but it's actually coming back in-style and is much easier than what cloth diapers were in the past. Now they're easy and oh so cute! They range from pre-folds with a cover to all-in-ones that are much like a disposable diaper. I personally like one-size pocket diapers. These are diapers that can fit a child from about 10lbs-35lbs roughly from birth to potty training! Not only I'm I saving the planet one diaper change at a time but I'm also saving money! See an example here at FuzziBunz site. (Just one brand of CD)

Anyhow, there is a local shop here in Virginia Beach called Diaper Junction it's a brick & mortar store that sells cloth diapers, covers, and accessories. They always have great deals going on and the more you buy the more you save with a program they call "Stash Cash". Currently they have a give-away going on for 6 Kawaii pocket diapers! (See here --->)

Hopefully I gave some new insight on how to be more eco-friendly, even with babies! If you have any ways to help the environment please post them!

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